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#245E: Prevention of suicides and healing mental depression through boosting our moral energy (po polsku poniżej)

Motto: "The real progress does NOT depend on covering old ideas in new clothing, but on the courage of implementing new ideas for solving old problems."

If someone analyses outcomes of my research and efforts, then is to discover, that everything that I do in fact is aimed at improvement of the quality of life, happiness and prosperity of all people. (Although as a scientist I do NOT hide, that there is NO such a new invention or discovery, which immoral people would NOT be able to turn into a tool of destruction or persecution.) So I do NOT work secretly on some weapons which would annihilate the majority of humans. I do NOT try to create computer viruses which would destroy the economy of entire countries. I do NOT invent new illnesses or poisons. Etc., etc. Instead, I intensely analyse how each invention or discovery that I accomplished, could be utilised for the good of all people.

In order to provide here an example, how some amongst my discoveries could work for the good of all people, I am describing in this post the potential and prospects which e.g. for healing mental depression, or for prevention of suicides, may introduce my discovery of so-called "moral energy" described, amongst others, in item #D2 of the web page "totalizm.htm", while on the web page "pajak_for_mp_2014.htm" listed below it is briefly mentioned e.g. in item #I1. This "moral energy" is a kind of equivalent to the "potential energy" known to us from physics - only that instead of being generated physically through the use of force for overcoming the resistance of e.g. invisible "gravity field", this moral energy is generated mentally (in our counter-bodies) through putting a mental effort into overcoming with our intellect the another, equally invisible like gravity, primary field which my Concept of Dipolar Gravity and the philosophy of totalizm call the "moral field". Similarly like the moral energy, also the moral field has been further explained in item #I1 and in "Fig. #I1" from the web page "pajak_for_mp_2014.htm". To increase its understanding, in there was used a different than here viewpoint for explanations. While reading those descriptions please note also, that in contrast to gravity - which acts only on a single (physical) component of ourselves, i.e. on our masses (thus generating our weight), the moral field exerts a pressure at so many as three components of our mental actions and decisions, i.e. at our willingness (intellectual anti-laziness) to make creative intellectual searches (X), at our ability to generate positive feelings in other people (Y), and at our mental motivation to contribute a specific physical effort into a given activity (Z). On the abovementioned "Fig #I1", these three components of the moral field has been marked as the three coordinate axes X, Y and Z of our mental processes.

The moral energy is generated always when with our mental effort we overcome in ourselves any amongst these three components of the moral field (which on that "Fig. #I1" are marked with symbols X, Y and Z), that exerts a pressure onto our mind to stop us from doing something, the doing of which we just started or the doing of which we just contemplate, and that fulfils criteria of a "morally correct activity", means that is lifting us "uphill" in this similar to gravity invisible "moral field". In turn, the moral energy is dispersed from us when we either do nothing while indulging in pleasures of idling, or when we give up to invisible pressure of this "moral field" and do something that is immoral (though typically that is the easiest to do, and hence that gives us a pleasure), means that pushes us down in this invisible moral field. This is just because of the existence of this invisible "moral field", that doing anything that is morally correct, e.g. telling a full truth, or giving a "real favour" to other people, requires overcoming in our minds the resistance of this moral field and putting into our doing a significant effort similar to the effort of climbing uphill in the invisible gravity field. It is also because of the resistance of this moral field, that in present times so many people avoid doing anything that fulfils criteria of "morally correct acting" - after all, the work of moral field makes it to be laborious and typically unpleasant. In turn, this common avoidance of doing "morally correct acting" causes, that the level of moral energy falls down rapidly in the majority of present people, thus becomes a major cause for the present "epidemics" of depression and other mental illnesses, and also a major cause for the present "epidemics" of suicides.

The moral energy is equally necessary for our mental health and life, as oxygen is needed for our physical health and life. For example, if the level of moral energy falls in someone below a certain threshold value, then such a person dies in a self-destructive manner, for example by committing a suicide. In turn, the generation (boosting the level) of the moral energy in us, increases our feeling of happiness and disperses negative thoughts - as this is explained more comprehensively on a number of my web pages, e.g. in item #D9 from the web page named "totalizm.htm", in items #B1 and #C2 from the web page named "nirvana.htm", or in items #D4 and #E1 from my web page named "parasitism.htm".

Because of such a work of moral energy as an increaser of the feeling of happiness and satisfaction from life, the learning by the philosophy of totalizm how to generate moral energy in us, creates a potential for the development of a simple method for healing mental depression, for prevention of suicides, etc. - means for our defence against all these kinds of ills which now represent an increasingly difficult social problem NOT only in New Zealand. After all, so serene until recently New Zealand, now gradually turns out itself into the country of rampaging mental depression and suicides. This in turn is a sign of a clear moral, social and ideological bankruptcy, and a proof of erroneousness of relevant claims of the official human science. For example, in [1#F5] television news broadcasted in NZ at 6:20 pm in channel TV1 on 6 April 2014, was stated that amongst NZ farmers suicides represent now the third greatest cause of deaths - after illnesses and after the old age. Reasons for such a development of situation is many, e.g. the increasingly more difficult life as adult in present New Zealand (the fact which I already explained e.g. in items #A2 and #D1 from the web page named "pajak_for_mp_2014.htm"), combined with the escalation in "overprotective" way of upbringing children implemented by New Zealand hyper-cautious females - e.g. see the article [2#F5] "Parents too scared to let kids ride bikes", from page A2 of newspaper The Dominion Post (issue dated on Wednesday, April 16, 2014), or see that "anti-smacking law" discussed on the web page named "pajak_for_mp_2014.htm". As a result, when a child of such "overprotected" upbringing reaches adulthood and experiences the harsh treatments of real life, then he or she is NOT able to withstand it and either falls in depression or commits a suicide. (Perhaps it would be worth that New Zealand mothers learned also about various beneficial outcomes of the method of upbringing people by God, which under the name "principle of reversals" is described in item #F3 from the web page "wszewilki_uk.htm".)

I already put a lot of effort and research in attempts to develop a method based on moral energy, for our defence from depression-related problems. Already a long time ago I described such a method in my publications - e.g. see item #D1 on the web page named "nirvana.htm", or even better see subsection JE9 from volume 8 of my newest monograph [1/5]. In the version the work of which I tested on myself, this method boils down to the intense increase (rebuilding) in ourselves the required level of moral energy through the completion of such kinds of heavy physical labour, about which principles of the "totaliztic science" allowed me to establish that it generates large amounts of moral energy. In other words, this method increases in humans the sense of personal happiness, satisfaction and desire to live, by teaching people how they are to perform very specific types of highly moral works of physical nature, illustrated in part (a) from "Fig. #I1", which "moral works" increase in them fast the level of moral energy necessary for their happiness. Unfortunately, so far NO official support was given to this method, although I received private emails in which other people claimed that the following of my method boosted their moral energy up to the level of totaliztic nirvana. However, my financial constrains, lack of access to research facilities, lack of conditions for the development of an instrument which would measure the level of someone's moral energy, official disapproval of my research, etc., cause that so-far I am unable to objectively and scientifically confirm or verify the work of this method on people other than myself. This is pity. After all, when for some ideological reasons the policy makers of official science turn their backs to the truths which my "hobby" research and publications are trying to disclose to people, in the meantime thousands of sons, daughters, husbands, wives, mothers and fathers fall for depression or commit suicides. But, while ignoring my method of treating depression and preventing suicides, simultaneously those policy makers of official science are NOT able to offer to people any other method, that would be really effective - not mentioning the requiring from it to be more effective than the described here method based on moral energy, and thus which official method could effectively help those countless victims of the deficiency of moral energy, and to restore these victims to their relatives who love them and need them in own lives. Thus, the situation with my method for generating moral energy to prevent depressions and suicides, begins to copy the situation with the ancient Zhang Heng Seismograph, which could save thousands of lives from the deaths in earthquakes, but which no-one wants to build because its principle of operation is based on the use of telepathic waves for the remote detection of incoming earthquakes, the existence of which waves for some ideological reasons is stubbornly denied by the policy makers of the present official human science. So it appears, that in order to stop the current pushing of mankind toward the abyss by already ideologically corrupted the official science to-date, there is NO other option, than the official establishment of yet another science (competitive to the current one), which under the name of the "new totaliztic science" is described more comprehensively in items #C1 to #C6 from the web page named "telekinetics.htm".

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