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#299_2E: Is it a "coincidence" that Elijah's Kabbalah and its tree of life copies God's management of people and institutions?

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Explaining our path through the "human time" modelled in Omniplan, I have an obligation to further explain here that according to the Bible, each person God shifts back in time several times. However, in order to NOT provide ready-made solutions for lazy persons and idiots, and to NOT break anyone's "free will", the fact of this multiple shifting back in time of each one of us, just like every other important fact that determines our consciousness and our civilizational advancement, the Bible reveals to us only in the encoded way in verses 33:25-30 of the "Book of Job". Thus for understanding these verses, one must either first intellectually discover (as I done myself), or accept my discovery, that we all are repeatedly shifted back in time. A well-encrypted information contained in these verses I have more thoroughly and widely interpreted in item #B4.1 from my web page named "immortality.htm". This is because the knowledge about the fact of us being repetitively shifted back in time by God is extremely important to us for reasons of the to-date misunderstanding of the concepts of "future" and "past" by people. After all, what God decides as a result of the analysis of someone's mature or final life, can for that person be then pre-programmed into the Omniplan, for example into "human times" of his/her childhood or learning years - and then enforced after the shifting of this person back to those years. This multiple shifting people back in time by God, causes that the concepts of "future" and "past" only exist when measuring the passage of time in accordance with the so-called "irreversible absolute time of the universe" - which the absolute "time of God, atoms and minerals" always flows forward only. Our "human time", on the other hand, can either pass forward or be shifted back. So for us, "the future" - in understanding of this absolute time, can also be our "past". For example, into the Omniplan of people who are deaf to the voice of their conscience and hence about whom in their adult life God looses the hope for their proper upbringing, their deaths can be programmed into their childhood and implemented after shifting them to their childhood years - as I described it, for example, in item #D3 from the web page named "god_exists.htm".

Of course, the common in today's people believing in the supposed existence of "past" and "future" in relation to our "human time" (according to the above description requiring to be changed), is just one of the huge number of issues that need to be researched, redefined and understood after working out my Theory of Everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity - which was the first and still the only scientific theory today available to people, which revealed to us, among others, the truth about the construction and operation of the entire physical world and time. An example of another similarly complex matter is identifying and describing the mechanism that God uses to always develop, test and implement for the use by people the most optimal (i.e. using the expression from the Bible - the most "very good") and at the same time also agreeable with God's plans, solution to every problem that arose in our physical world. (Which the most optimal and therefore "very good" solutions accomplished by God, people then with maniacal stubbornness spoof with their short-sighted "improvements", as they already spoiled, for example, originally very good: food, water and their bodies - which fact I explained in more detail, among others, in items #A1 to #A5 from my web page named "cooking.htm", on the entire web page (in Polish) named "woda.htm" and in item #I3 from the web page named "healing.htm".) About this "testing" mechanism and about its operation so far I have NOT found even a single mention in the Bible, nor a single hint in the reality that surrounds us. However, my life experience, scientific training, and empirical knowledge that I gained during wandering around the world "for bread" while needing to lecture at the professorial level all these different disciplines that my employers ordered me to lecture (e.g. lecturing mechanical engineering, machine tools, numerical control, propulsion systems, machining, metrology, computerization, classical mechanics, programming, computer languages, electronics, physics, mathematics, electrical engineering, logic, technical drawing, CAD, software engineering, and several dozen more), tell me unequivocally that such mechanism of working out, testing and implementing, God must possess and use. However, since I have no external hints as to how this mechanism could be created by God, or "how" and "where" it works, in the matter of its identification and description, I will also use the same method of solving mysteries of the surrounding reality, which I typically use "hobbystically" while doing almost all of my scientific discoveries. Namely, firstly I will consider how I would solve this problem myself, if I was in a situation where it needs to be solved, then I will integrate this solution into the structure of models illustrated in "Fig. #J5", and finally I will look for evidence that will allow me to confirm the correctness of my models and allow to correct or refine the details which yet are NOT compatible with the empirical evidence I come across. Using this method of solving the puzzles of nature, my knowledge and experience tell me already that the only way to create such an effective God’s mechanism for developing, testing and implementing optimal solutions to problems of our physical world requires that the main component of this mechanism is a software model of the whole our physical world, means a "testing copy of Omniplan". This model on "Fig. #J5" is shown in the position "enforcer number 11" - the existence of which is carefully hidden from people, and the action of which develops, tests and supports the action of the most important for us "enforcer number 6" (that is, supports the operation of the actual Omniplan). At the same time, my Concept of Dipolar Gravity implies that the only place where this "testing copy of Omniplan" can physically be located, is the second direction of the "in-depthly (G)" axis of the fourth dimension of the counter-world - i.e. the direction opposite to the "upward" direction in which God programs the subsequent time layers (pancakes) of Omniplan and entire our physical world. After all, this "in-depthly (G)" axis of the counter-world stretches infinitely in both directions. Meanwhile, when during the biblical Great Deluge God transformed the bodies of people from life in the "irreversible absolute time of the universe" into life in the "reversible software time", these time layers in Omniplan are programmed and imposed only in the "upward" direction of our physical world. Hence the direction "downward" starting from the zero moment during time of the Great Deluge, is NOT used for direct management of the physical world in which we actually live. So God had the possibility of placing in this other direction "downward" of this "test" copy, or version, of the entire Omniplan for our physical world - containing copies of everything that exists in our physical world, including copies of all Omniplan's time layers (pancakes), and copies of each one of us. Only that all these copies from the "test version of Omniplan" do NOT live like us, but are only used for testing and for developing the most optimal solutions to world's problems. Of course, naming here the "test version of Omniplan" with the term "a copy" of entire our physical world (i.e. a copy of Omniplan), which for the explanation with the human language I am forced to use here to describe this "testing world", is a significant imperfection. After all, that additional copy of Omniplan with a copy of our entire physical world must have completely different software from our software. In addition, to the software of: physical laws, all objects and creatures, and the psychology, history and characteristics of each one of us, which will be almost identical like in our physical world, there must be added the software, which, for example, after each test run, with which God works out some of the most optimal (i.e. the most "very good") solution for a particular problem appearing in our physical world, the software of that "testing world" must be able to automatically restore itself to the state of our physical world. Also, in order to be able to quickly develop the best solutions to the problems of our world, that copy of Omniplan and the physical world must work thousands of times faster than an original of the actual Omniplan and our real physical world. From my old UFO research (i.e. from research of divine "angels of death" - for details see item #G1, 1 from item #B2, and 3 from item #A2 of my Polish web page named "2030.htm" and see item #M1 from the web page named "antichrist_pl.htm") results that the entire process of finding and testing a "very good" solution for some problem of our physical world, typically lasted about two "human weeks" - while in our Omniplan, the work of our world until the "end of the world" that supposed to occur only in, or after, the year 2656, it still required then at least 650 "human years" to pass. It is worth to add here that this "testing copy of Omniplan (11)" God developed only after, or during, the biblical Great Deluge. Some premises suggest that before the biblical deluge its role was probably fulfilled by the neighbouring planet Mars. (Notice that in order to NOT increase the already large volume of descriptions from this post, if in the future I come across any evidence that in this description I am on the right track to identify and describe the truth about the "testing copy of Omniplan" used by God as a mechanism to develop, test and implement the optimal, i.e. very good and timeless, solutions to problems of the physical world, then I present this evidence in some other place of my publications, while below I only indicate a link that will tell readers where this evidence can be found.)

Independently from the "enforcers" described above, the divine management system discussed here also contains "the reality that surrounds us (9)", which exerts various kinds of pressures on yet another enforcer, namely at the "recipient (10)", that is at each one of us.

Another category of three essential God's tools that make up the systems described here are "management mechanisms" - shown in Fig. #J5 as numbered outlines of "hearts" for the "diagrams of growth", or "shields" for the "diagrams of decline". In His system of management from "Fig. #J5ab", God established three such mechanisms, namely "God's methods of administering justice (3)", "Goals, plans and intentions of God (5)", and "God's commandments and requirements (8)" - explained to us in more detail in the content of the Bible.

Taken together and combined into a consistently functioning system, all the above-described components work in a manner that gradually increases knowledge of people and God, as well as causes the awareness and civilizational growth of people and institutions that obey God's commandments and requirements described in the Bible. As such, "a priori" system shown in "Fig. #J5ab" can be called the "diagram of growth".

In order to understand the work of this God's system for governing people and institutions illustrated with "diagram of growth" from "Fig. #J5ab", it is enough that from my descriptions of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and the philosophy of totalizm one learn about the work and mutual interaction of each component used in it. For example, if in the surrounding reality (9) occurs an event that introduces something new (i.e. a change) to the morality (2) of the recipient under consideration (10) - i.e. to the morality of a person or institution from operator number 10, then this change will be immediately noted by God through channels of constant tracking of thoughts, attitudes, feelings, etc., of this recipient (i.e. channels connecting 1 with 2 to 10 - shown in red), as a result causing God (1) and God's methods of administering justice (3) to work out and test in the copy of Omniplan (11) the most optimal changes in future events, and then to pre-program these changes into Omniplan (6), while Omniplan changes will cause the change of the surrounding reality (9), and thus also change in the fate and situation of the recipient (10) (i.e. in the fate and situation of the person or institution under consideration). Similarly, changes in the recipient's fate and situation will also cause changes in his/her knowledge (4) or/and his/her actions (7).

Surprising and puzzling in my "diagram of growth" from "Fig. #J5ab" is that in spite that I developed this diagram due to my discoveries resulting from the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, means independently of similar diagrams discussed in literature, its structure and work show intriguing similarity to the so-called "trees of life" from the system called "Kabbalah". I was very surprised and provoked to search after discovering this intriguing similarity. So I started to look for reasons why it could become so. As a result of this search, I came to the conclusion that the reason is probably the origin of Kabbalah. According to literature, the Kabbalah was revealed to the ancient Israelites by Elijah - i.e. by the same previously twice tried and tested in action on Earth "soldier of God", about which I explained in "part #H" from my Polish web page named "2030.htm", that both the biblical verse 9:12 from the "Gospel of St. Mark", as well as the prophecies by the Hopi Indians, quite agreeably inform us that he will be sent back to Earth before the incoming cleansing of Earth in 2030s, to repair everything that so-far people have spoiled. (Interestingly enough, in the past, including times of Elijah, the tree of life from Kabbalah did NOT contain the "enforcer number 11" - until today not included in a proportion of trees of life displayed on the Internet. This, along with the lack of description of Kabbalah in the Bible, seems to suggest that the "testing copy of Omniplan" has been introduced to use by God relatively recently.) For the first few hundreds of years after the disclosure of Kabbalah by Elijah, the knowledge of it was transmitted only verbally, without the preparation of any written document that would consolidate its purpose and work. In the course of its oral repetitions, many elements of the Kabbalah probably were distorted and changed. Thus, even if Elijah was originally revealing to people (with the help of Kabbalah) the described here and shown in "Fig. #J5" God's important mechanism for managing events of our physical world and life, still these later distortions and changes in the understanding of it, introduced orally into it by downstream users, would turn it into what today's literature sources and mystics describe. Unfortunately, the false statements of today's official atheistic science explain the operation of the "world without God" postulated by this science (i.e. our physical world) completely differently (and erroneously) than the above-explained action of "the world with God" discovered and described only due to my Concept of Dipolar Gravity. After all, according to these erroneous (and thus impossible to prove as correct) claims of today's official atheistic science, all events occurring in the entire "scientific universe" are caused NOT by the action of God's Omniplan, but by the action of "coincidences" (i.e. accidental occurrences) which the official science typically explains with the invented by itself "scientifically sounding" phenomena of probability, random events, placebo effect, etc. (which phenomena, however, are only "effects" which science is unable to ignore, but for which after denying the existence of God the official atheistic science does NOT know the mechanisms of "causes" enabling the manifestations of these "effects"). The most widely known examples of such "accidental occurrences" (that in spite of being just "effects" do NOT have their "causes") which the official science is still using to "explain everything", is: accidental "big bang", accidental work of the laws of nature, accidental evolutions of living creatures, accidental evolutions of people or other human-like intelligent beings, e.g. UFOnauts (about the existence of which, however, the official atheistic science is still uncertain), etc. These "coincidences" in the claims of official atheistic science fulfil the role of the "enforcer (6)", which according to this science is the "driving force" for all events in the whole "universe". In such a ruled by coincidences "world without God", described with theories and statements of today's official atheistic science, supposedly nothing is accomplished with the hands of God. God, therefore, is NOT needed in it. Along with the lack of need for God, in this invented by science, unrealistic, and NOT having the driving nor implementing mechanisms of the "world without God", neither are needed laws nor standards of morality, nor observance of God's commandments and requirements, nor extending knowledge, nor care for the nature, nor, of course, are needed either love and caring for other fellow human beings, etc. In turn, in order to force into humans the faith in the correctness of such a scientific "world without God", in spite that manifestations of the surrounding reality indicate otherwise, the official atheistic science resorted to a "lie" performing for it the role "executor (11)"- which executor in the God's management mechanism is used to test the correctness of each solution. 

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