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#236_1E: The principle on which the "omniplan" allows God to strictly control the reversible software time (po polsku ponizej)

Motto: "Although the old official science has NO competence and knowledge to design and to carry out experiments which prove the existence of God, the new 'totaliztic science' has already indicated experiments showing that our world is ruled by the reversible software time - while only the intelligence and purposefulness of God are able to create a world ruled by such reversible software time."

Those readers who thoroughly familiarised themselves with item #C3 from the web page named "immortality.htm" (addresses of which are provided at the end of this post), already have learned the design and operation of the so-called "omniplan". So now they are able to define for themselves what is this "omniplan", and to explain how with the use of this "omniplan" God exerts the control over time. Thus, they know that in the Concept of Dipolar Gravity the name "omniplan" is assigned to the superior software entity (i.e. to a type of natural program) which resides in the intelligent counter-matter and organizes operation of the entire physical world. In order to be able to organize the operation of the entire physical world, this "omniplan" is actually a kind of a "landscape" composed, among others, from the appropriately pre-programmed software definitions (i.e. from "souls") of all objects that ever existed, exist, or will exist in the entire physical world and in all times in which these objects are to exist. (It is just because of the necessity of continuous participation in this "omniplan" of the souls of all objects from the physical world, that God does NOT judge the soul of every person immediately after his or her death, but keeps this soul "asleep", and in constant readiness to be revived, until the "end of the world" described in item #N1 from the totaliztic web page named "quake.htm".) Due to such a composing of the "omniplan" as a kind of "landscape" formed from all the objects and all times of the physical world, the life and passage through the time of each of these objects is reduced to its movements (in small jumps) through this landscape - similarly like the content of a movie film boils down to the jumpy movements of pictures of heroes of that film along the landscape created from various physical objects and from other characters of that film. In addition, such a composition of the "omniplan" allows also that, if necessary, any of its constituent objects can be taken away from a given place in the "landscape" and moved to other place or to any other time.

That software entity named "omniplan" allows God, amongst others, a strict control over time. As it is revealed to us precisely by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, while described for interested people on numerous totaliztic web pages and monographs, the "omniplan" transforms the order of events which in the reversible software time from our physical world occur sequentially one after the other, into events that the absolute (real) time from the counter-world are available simultaneously. The "omniplan" achieves this transformation of the order of events through defining the time NOT as a continuous passage, but as a sequence of miniature jumps of time. In each of these jumps of time, a next phase of changes of events from the physical world is defined. This phase is visible in there as a still image of the given phase, NOT as a moving change. So, due to this transformation of the order of events and due to turning moving sequences of events into sequences of their motionless phases, for God all the events and all times from our physical world are available simultaneously, and in the same absolute (real) time of the counter-world, and thus they are viewed by God as series of still images from the successive phases of the events progressing in the physical world. In other words, due to "omniplan" the progress of events in our physical world are viewed by God the same way as we can see subsequent still frames from a movie film. Thus, in that God’s virtual world (counter-world), the development of every single one amongst events of our physical world (i.e. the event that takes place in our reversible software time), God is able to see simultaneously as a series of still images - and this regardless of whether in our physical world this event is seen by us as if it occurred in the past, occurs now, or is about to occur in the future. Only the inertia of our eyes, gives later to these quickly flashing still images of individual phases of the changes, the nature of smooth movements and uniform conversions. However, experiments and devices, such as those described in items #D1 and #D2 from the web page named "immortality.htm", again reveal to our eyes, that what we perceive as a smooth movement and change, actually is a series of still images parading in short increments in front of our eyes (thus they experimentally prove the truth of findings of the new "totaliztic science" which are described here).

The most important achievement, due to which starting from the time of the biblical Great Flood, God runs the lives of all physical beings in that reversible software time controlled by the "omniplan", is that this allows God to design accurately every detail of the events that affect humans. After all, the fact that due to the work of "omniplan", all events and all the times from our physical world, are seen by God simultaneously as series of still images, allows God to design precisely every detail from the developments of events taking place in our physical world, and to tune the course of each of these events to the course other events. For example, if God decides to eliminate someone from the further life by the collapse of a heavy tree branch on his or her head, then just suffices that in a sequence of still images of this someone walking under a tree, God so redesigns these images that they show fall of a branch and crushing the head of that person. So when the "program of life and fate" stored in DNA of that person, turns to implement this sequence of images, then in fact the branch is to fall on his or her head, and that person is to die.

The pre-programming of the reversible time from of our physical world in the form of such software "omniplan", brings also benefits for us, humans. This is because it allows people to build and to use "time vehicles" - such as these described on the web page named "immortality.htm".

The described above design and implementation of the reversible software time in the form of the "omniplan" allows God to achieve all the goals which in His superior wisdom and purposefulness of action God set for Himself. Let us review now the most important out of these goals, along with explanations as to how due to the "omniplan" God accomplishes the completion of these goals. Here they are:

1. Such individual upbringing of each person, that he or she fulfils the purpose of the creation (i.e. "pursues the knowledge"), and simultaneously acquires the required by God characteristics of the "soldier of God". Due to the "omniplan" God has an access to the software design of the entire life of each individual person. God is also able to freely redesign every part of this life, the accurately synchronizing the passage through this part with the events that take place in the surroundings of this person. In this way God is able to subject this person to such a selection of events affecting it, which has the highest chance of increasing the knowledge and of developing in this individual the traits and types of experiences that God wishes this person has acquired in order to most effectively carry out in the future its tasks as the "soldier of God" - to perform which tasks God is laboriously upbringing and training every person (as this is explained in item #B1.1 from the web page named "antichrist.htm"). But if it turns out, that a given selection of events did NOT manage to develop in this person the necessary knowledge and attributes required from a "soldier of God", then the principle of operation of the "omniplan" allows God to shift that person back to his or her years of childhood, then pass it again through a specially designed for him or her set of different events. As God confirms this in the Bible (see item #B4.1 from the web page named "immortality.htm"), every person is in this way repeatedly shifted back in time to the years of his or her childhood at least two or three times during the lifetime. This repetitive shifting back in time, is discontinued only when God judges that events to which He subjected this person make up in it all the qualities that God requires from it, or when God comes to the final conclusion that this particular person is unable to acquire the traits of character required by God, and thus that it must be eliminated from the further plans of God.

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