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#210E: The major goal for which people were created by God - the "pursue of knowledge" (in English - po polsku ponizej)

Motto: "Everything that exists in the physical world was created for an important purpose, must fulfil functions which are imposed onto it, has a superior receiver of its actions, its fate is depending on benefits which others draw from its existence, etc., etc."

Even the least intellectually-developed people, if they undertake any action, this action always serves for some kind of purpose. For example, if they cook, buy, or steal food - they do it to satisfy someone's hunger. If they dress nicely, beautify, or just comb - they do it to be approved, liked, or to keep for themselves their partner. Etc., etc. So if so immensely intelligent and powerful being, as God Himself, decides to do something, then for sure He also does it for some extremely important purpose. Thus, even just by an analogy and without a formal proving of this fact, for sure it can be stated, that everything that God does, or whatever He already did, including the creation of people, serves for some superior purpose.

Since everything that God does serves for some superior purpose, then for us people is extremely important to find out, for what purpose God created humans. After all, the exact determining of this God’s goal, allows to some amongst us (these more obedient ones) to more effectively pursue this goal, and in this way allows our to-date random activities transform into intentional cooperation - this in turn will allow us to improve our to-date relationship with God. Therefore, the philosophy of totalizm carried out detailed investigations as to what was the main goal for which God created the mankind. As this philosophy established, the major goal for which God created people turns out to be the "pursue of knowledge". Because the exact process of deducting, and also justifications, for the goal of God in creating people, is discussed on a number of totaliztic publications, it is NOT going to be repeated here. But for these readers, who wish to check these publications, I am going to just briefly summarise them here, while in the further paragraph of this post I am going to indicate links to most important amongst them.

The fact, that the "pursue of knowledge" turns out to be a superior goal of God - for which He created people, exerts an immensely important influence on lives of each one amongst us. As it turns out, everything in ourselves - means every single amongst our human attributes, is designed especially by God in such a manner that we can fulfil this goal in a best possible way. An example of one amongst such human attributes, i.e. the requirement that in order to most efficiently assist God in the "pursue of knowledge" people must be maximally imperfect, is discussed in item #B2 of the web page named "antichrist.htm". Also, the entire our lives turn out to be aligned to support this superior goal. For example, the fact that the major requirement imposed by God on the humanity is the requirement of "morality" (i.e. the requirement which is described in item #B3 of the web page "antichrist.htm"), also stems from this superior goal of the "pursue of knowledge". In addition to all these, everything that surrounds us, must be aligned as well towards this superior goal. Therefore, for example in the entire nature must be provided hints and encouragements that persuade us to pursue knowledge. Moreover, everything in the nature must be symmetrical (as this is described by Louis De Broglie with his "Principle of the Symmetry of Nature" - see item #B1 from the totaliztic web page named "propulsion.htm") and everything must be organised in pyramidal structures which assist in the pursue of knowledge (examples of just such pyramidal structures include the similarities between atoms and solar systems, or regularities expressed e.g. by so-called "Mendeleyev Table" and by so-called "Cyclic Table" - both which Tables are described, amongst others, in item #A2 of a different web page named "magnocraft.htm"). Etc., etc. Thus, it is pity that the new "totaliztic science" only recently allowed me to discover this goal of God in creation of humans. If this goal of God was known to us much earlier (e.g. if the old "atheistic orthodox science", and all religions, would NOT prove to be completely useless in determining it), then the earlier discovery of this goal would probably save the humanity from a huge amount of wondering, errors, unnecessary suffering, and perhaps even the humanity would be prevented from getting into this "no-exit corner" in which it found itself at present - while the discussion of the problem of exiting of this "no-exit corner" would NOT need to constitute the goal of the entire web page named "antichrist.htm".

The wider discussion of the goal for which God created people, and also references to further publications on this subject, are provided, amongst others, in item #J2 of the web page named "healing.htm" and in items #B4 and #C1 of the web page named "tornado.htm". In turn various evidence - including the philosophically immensely vital totaliztic extension of the so-called "Theory of Superior Beings" by the Polish genius named Adam Wisniewski, which extension provides philosophical foundations for the development of the formal scientific proof which confirms that in fact the major goal of God for which He created people is the "pursue of knowledge", is discussed in item #B4 of the web page named "will.htm", and also in subsections A3.2 (volume 1) and NF5 (volume 12) of my newest monograph [1/5].

Of course, totalizm adheres to the principle, that whatever this philosophy states, it always provides evidence and logical deductions in support of this statement. This evidence is to reveal in what manner and on what basis totalizm arrived to a given conclusion. Only by revealing the logic of deductions and evidence in support of the claims, totalizm is able to give to its followers the ability to verify truth behind its statements. So in order to provide here the reader with an idea of a kind and quality of the evidence which confirms the findings of totalizm, that "God created people in order to pursue knowledge", in this post is discussed one example from a vast body of evidence for which totalizm determined that it supports the truth of this particular finding. This example is the totaliztic extension and extrapolation of the "Theory of Superior Beings" by the Polish genius named Adam Wisniewski (born on 1/1/1937, died on 23/8/1995).

Almost everything that is slightly more complex, God arranged into kinds of pyramidal structures and organisations. Examples of these include the so-called "periodic table of the elements" (also named the "Mendeleyev Table") - and the composition of subsequent chemical elements illustrated by it, or the so-called "Cyclic Table" described in chapter B from volume 2 of my newest monograph [1/5] while briefly discussed in items #B1 to #B4 of the web page named "propulsion.htm" - and regularities in the development of propulsion systems that are illustrated by the Cyclic Table. Various regularities which are embedded into such pyramidal structures already were noticed, and utilised, by numerous researchers - including into this number also a genius researcher of the Polish origin, named Adam Wisniewski (which in his writings used the pseudo-name "Snerg"). Mr Adam Wisniewski (1/1/1937 - 23/8/1995) noticed that there is a high regularity into which are arranged subsequent levels of God's creatures. This regularity which he discovered is now called the "Theory of Superior Beings" (the Polish name "Teoria Nadistot"). Statements of this theory are already published in a number of Polish publications - although (similarly as almost everything that because of the Polish origin is NOT appreciated by Poles themselves and thus is NOT promoted by them in the rest of the world - for details see also items #I1 to #I5 of the separate web page named "mozajski_uk.htm"), in the western countries this extremely vital theory still remains largely unknown or ignored. This is pity - because the genius of this theory and its significance to the "totaliztic science" require that it is vigorously promoted throughout the entire world - which promoting I already joined enthusiastically (e.g. see this post, totaliztic publications to which this post refers, and also see item #I6 on the abovementioned web page named "mozajski_uk.htm"). This genius theory reveals e.g. that every higher level of existence "nourishes itself" with products earned by a lower than itself level of existence. For example, us people have the opportunity to watch in action on everyday basis as many as several different levels of existence that surrounds us. These include: (1) minerals and chemical elements from which our planet is composed, (2) vegetation, (3) animals, and (4) intelligent being - means people. As we also know, each lower of these levels of existence is unable to notice with its senses the existence of the level that is higher than itself. Therefore, for example, minerals and chemical elements from the level (1) are unaware of the existence of vegetation from the level (2), in turn vegetation from the level (2) is unaware of the existence of animals from the level (3), etc. But chemical elements from the level (1) form various compounds and substances which later are "eaten" by vegetation from the level (2). In turn this vegetation from the level (2) forms various complex organic compounds which subsequently are "eaten" by animals from the level (3). Etc., etc. So if the above regularity discovered by the Polish genius Adam Wisniewski is to be extrapolated further - as this was done by the totaliztic science, then it stems from it that also people from the level (4) earn something as well - and that this something is later "eaten" by some even higher level of existence (which people are unable to notice with their senses). Of course, this higher level of existence is God. In turn the only product which God is able to allegorically "eat", is the "knowledge" which people generate during their lives. Everything else, apart from the "knowledge", God is able to generate by Himself - so in order to acquire it He has NOT needed to create neither people nor the physical world. In other words, the totaliztic extension of the "Theory of Superior Beings" by Polish genius Adam Wisniewski, in the understanding of logics represents the so-called "theorem" which states that "if God does exist, then allegorically He nourishes Himself with the knowledge generated by people". Thus, in combination with the formal proofs that "God does exist", which already were developed and published by the totaliztic science, the genius "Theory of Superior Beings" by Adam Wisniewski transforms itself into a formal proving procedure, that "God created people in order to pursue knowledge more effectively". Although this procedure was explained here with the use of rather simplistic terminology and logical deductions, still it unambiguously proves the findings of the philosophy of totalizm and the totaliztic science discussed here, that the "pursue of knowledge" was just this major goal for the accomplishing of which God originally created people, while currently he continually teaches and protects them, and also supports, supervises and controls their fates - for more details see also the web page named "antichrist.htm".

These descriptions I would like to complement with my personal reflection. Namely, how it happens, that the entire world is admiring the highly meaningless and still improvable for even the highest-paid scientists "theory of relativity" - which "contribution to the humanity" limits itself mainly to blocking the progress of sciences since almost a century. Simultaneously so genius and indescribably-vital "Theory of Superior Beings" - which opens for us the knowledge and the certainty on the subject of God, and the correctness of which can be checked by practically every inhabitant of the Earth, for tens of years remains almost unknown and in fact almost no-one disseminates it throughout the world.

* * *

The above post is an adaptation of descriptions of the "goal of creation of humans", originally provided in two different web pages, namely in item #B1 from the totaliztic web page named "antichrist.htm" (update of 11 November 2011, or later), and in item #B4 from the totaliztic web page named "will.htm" (update of 7 November 2011, or later). Thus, reading the above descriptions would be even more effective from these web pages than from this post, as in the totaliztic web pages are working all (green) links to other related web pages with additional explanations, printing includes colours, presentations are supported with illustrations, the content is updated regularly, etc. The latest update of the web page "antichrist.htm" can be viewed, amongst others, at addresses:  or alias: (which always links to the most recently updated amongst totaliztic web pages)

Notice that every address with totaliztic web pages, including the above web sites, should contain all totaliztic web pages - including web pages indicated in this post. Thus, in order to see any totaliztic web page that interests us, it suffices that in one amongst the above addresses the web page name "antichrist.htm" is changed into the name of page which the reader wishes to see. For example, in order to see the web page named "will.htm" e.g. from the totaliztic web site with the address , it is enough that instead of this address in the window of an internet explorer the reader writes the address .

It is also worth to know, that almost each new topic that I am researching with "a priori" approach of the new "totaliztic science", including this one, is repeated in all mirror blogs of totalizm still in existence (the above topic is repeated in there as the post number #210E). In past there were 5 such blogs. At the moment only two blogs of totalizm still remain undeleted by adversaries of the new "totaliztic science" and the moral philosophy of totalizm. These can be viewed at following internet addresses: or alias:
While reviewing these blogs, it is worth to have look at their related posts, e.g. at posts number #164E, #109E  - which also discuss topics related to imperfections.

With the totaliztic salute,
Jan Pajak

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